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President of the Month Snack Planning Guide

This guides has been prepared to assist the board members when it is their turn to host the monthly party. You can assign tasks as needed to make sure that the party runs smoothly. The items requiring the most work are the party platters and the punch bowls. The punch bowls need to be re-filled periodically during the party and you should make sure that this is done by yourself or the assignee. The party platters require the most effort before the party, but once they are done no further maintenance is required.

Each party should have:
  • Two Party Platters (recipe below)
  • A bread/cracker/chips platter with dip/salsa
    (1 sliced baguette or equivalent in chips or crackers & 16oz dip/salsa)
  • Grape or fruit platter (3 lbs.)
  • Sweets & Deserts platter (chocolates, cookies, etc.)
  • Punch Bowls (recipes & amounts forthcoming)

How to make the party platters...

Amount Image Ingredients
2 ea. Large serving trays
Source(s): There are several in the kitchen at Champion or you can buy them at Smart & Final
2 heads Red Leaf lettuce or equivalent.
Source(s): Various
4 lbs. Cheese (Mix of flavors, cut into small slices)
I usually get 2 lbs. mild orange cheddar and 2 lbs. white cheddar to give the platter some color.
Source(s): Costco, Smart & Final, Food4Less
1.5 lbs. Summer Sausage, cut into small slices.
Note: I usually cut in to quarters and then slice in order to obtain more individual portions.
Source(s): Food4Less, Stater Bros.
1 head Cauliflower
Cut in to small pieces.
Source(s): 99cents Only, Food4Less
1.5 lbs. Broccoli
Cut in to small pieces.
Source(s): Food4Less
1 lb. Baby carrots
Source(s): Various
12 oz. Grape tomatos
I usually only get these if they are sale (i.e. $1.50 or less). While they are good and tasty to eat, I use them more for the color they add.
Source(s): 99cents Only, Food4Less
16oz. Fat Free Sour Cream
Fat free tastes just as good and is lighter and healthier.
Source(s): 99cents Only, Food4Less
1 envelope Ranch Dressing Mix Powder
Generic brands are fine.
Source(s): Food4Less
8oz Mustard
Dijon or spicy preferred.
Source(s): Big Lots, 99cents Only, Trader Joe's, etc.
1 pkg. Toothpicks
Source(s): Anywhere
  Be creative, use your imagination and add your own pinache. Some ideas are:
  • Pepperoni Slices
  • Prunes
  • Dates
  • Crystalized Sugar Ginger
  • Dried Fruit
  • Broken Chocolate
  • Grapes


  • Break apart the red leaf lettuce and spread the leaves on the platter in a radial fashion similar to the spokes of a wheel. This provides a decorative surface for the individual hors d'ouver items.
  • Place the hors d'ouver items strategically around the platter. I try to be symetric.
  • Add the powdered ranch dressing mix to the sour cream and stir to create the dip. Divide the dip in to two bowls and place one in the center of each platter. Place a spoon in each bowl to assist with serving.

-- Matt

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